‘The Power’ Trailer Teases Toni Collette, Release Date


Girls running the world isn’t just the premise of a Beyoncé fight song. In the trailer for the upcoming Amazon Prime Video series The Power, based on the Naomi Alderman book of the same name, girls around the globe develop a strange new organ that allows them to electrocute anything at will. Like, they can zap people with their arms or blow up electric grids. “The Power evolves from a tingle in teenagers’ collarbones to a complete reversal of the power balance of the world,” according to a press release. People aren’t too pleased that girls are mysteriously growing deadly tasers in the show’s trailer. The United States military attends what looks to be a Joint Chiefs of Staff meeting, while local officials hold press conferences. “This is not a hoax,” the mayor of Seattle, played by Toni Collette, tells reporters. “This power is evolution.”

The show follows characters from London to Seattle, Nigeria to Eastern Europe, and stars Collette, Toheeb Jimoh, John Leguizamo, Auli’i Cravalho, Josh Charles, Eddie Marsan, Ria Zmitrowicz, Zrinka Cvitešić, Halle Bush, and more. Some girls use their power to set off a school’s fire alarm to skip class. Others tag burned-out vehicles, down planes, and cause metropolis-wide power outages. The latter group appears to be fomenting revolution. Good for them. The Power arrives on March 31.


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