MDMA Therapy for PTSD Inches Closer to U.S. Approval – The New York Times

  1. MDMA Therapy for PTSD Inches Closer to U.S. Approval  The New York Times
  2. Major Trial Finds MDMA-Assisted Therapy Is Effective for PTSD, Paving Way for FDA Approval  Gizmodo
  3. Scientists already knew that magic mushrooms were good for mental health, but they just discovered the rave drug MDMA can help people struggling with PTSD  Fortune
  4. MDMA-Assisted Therapy Demonstrates Significant Reductions in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms in Phase 3 Study  Pharmacy Times
  5. MDMA Gets Closer to FDA Approval, Thanks to UCSF-Led Project  SFist
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