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How To See Photo Of NASA On Birth Day? Explained

Picture Nasa Took On My Birthday: How to See Photo of NASA on Birth Day? Revealed: Nowadays social media has become the hot platform where new trends take off throughout the world and people start following these trends now a new trend is circulating on social media and people are enormously following it in which social media users are using a spinoff NASA website in order to see the space view of according to their birth date and time. Follow this article till the last line to explore this story comprehensibly here is everything that is a must to know about this trend and in the coming sections, readers will get to know how this trend went viral on social media. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Picture Nasa Took On My Birthday

If you are also a trend lover who follows all trends on social media then you might be aware of this picture-making trend by using a NASA website. This trend started with a tip in a TikTok video and later it was also taken to Twitter on Friday 28th January 2022 since then it is making netizens curious and even emotional. The website which is on the tongue of every social media trend lover is Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) and this website is maintained by NASA. This website is an online archive store of the daily pictures captured in space theme and in which images of black holes, stars, cosmos, galaxies, and solar systems can be seen.

How to See Photo of NASA on Birth Day?

APOD website is the archive of space pictures that were taken after 1995 which means only the Z generation (the mid-1990s to 2010) can relate those pictures with their birth dates, social media is poring with these images as users are becoming emotional after seeing this picture but many users also joked that the satellite even captured the moment of delivery. The below section is written by the procedure of how can anybody can find the picture according to his date of birth.

The first step to find the photo of your birthday is to visit NASA’s Hubble website and when you open the website then you will see a long list of files where you will find the date which you want to explore by scrolling down the page and then click on the link as you wish when you click on the link then the website will render you the photo of the day you chose. Stay tuned for more details on this page and read other world news in one place.

It takes no time to trend on the web. As we often watch many interesting topics, photos, and videos that easily start trending on the web. One such question is currently trending on the web and the netizens are keen to know it. In this blog, we will discuss all the new trending questions on the web, and it will aid those who want to know the details of What Picture Did NASA Take When I Was Born. Are you aware of this new trend on the web?

Presently, the most viral topic taking the internet by storm is related to NASA. People of countries like the United Kingdom and the United States are going crazy over What Picture Did NASA Take When I Was Born and here the readers will get to know how to discover the answer to this question.

What Is This All About?

The innovative technology of NASA monitors space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are lots of mysterious and interesting phenomena occurring in space at every moment, and it all gets recorded by NASA. It does not matter whether you are a space nerd or not, you may feel curious about knowing how the space watched at the time of your birth. That is the exact concept NASA applied to commemorate the 30th anniversary of its Hubble Space Telescope by providing you the answer to What Picture Did NASA Take When I Was Born.

The Hubble Space Telescope Of NASA turned 30 in the year 2020, and, on this occasion, NASA gives you the chance to discover out what was recorded by NASA on your birthday. For this purpose, NASA launched this trend of #Hubble30.

However, people who were born between the year 1981 and the year 1995 are constrained of the fun as the data on this archive is limited to the photos that were taken after the year 1995.

How To Discover Out What Photo Did NASA Take When I Was Born?

Two platforms will help the interesting person to discover these details. One is the APOD or Astronomy Photo of the Day Calendar, and the other is Hubble Archive. Below is the informed guide for both platforms.

Steps For APOD

  • Search for the APOD site on the searching site Google
  • Access the website
  • You will watch a long list of links
  • Scroll down to discover the date of your birth
  • Click On The Link Beside it

This process is a little time-consuming, but it provides you with a photo of the exact day of your birth.

Steps for Hubble TO Discover Out What Picture Did NASA Take When I Was  Born

  • Discover the NASA Commemorative Page
  • Select Month And Date
  • Click submit, and you will get all the information


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