Jake Bailey files grievance, agent says Patriots’ suspension was unwarranted


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The Patriots’ highly unusual decision to suspend punter Jake Bailey and cornerback Jack Jones is not sitting well with the players or their agents.

Jones’ agent had previously said his suspension was the result of a “miscommunication,” and now Bailey’s agent has said he’s fighting it on behalf of his client.

Agent Doug Hendrickson said in a statement to PFT that during his time on injured reserve Bailey has been fully engaged in all required rehab and treatments, and that Bailey was ready, willing and able to return to play before the Patriots suspended him.

“While Jake Bailey was on IR he never missed a single treatment, meeting, or practice,” Hendrickson said. “He was hoping to come off IR to play last weekend, but Jake was informed he was being suspended these last two games. This comes as a surprise given his full participation during injury reserve. We have filed a grievance to fight this unknown suspension.”

Bailey’s suspension could give the Patriots a justification for voiding his $2.115 million guaranteed salary for 2023, and given that Bailey had his worst season in 2022, it’s easy to see why Bailey would contend that the Patriots are suspending him not because he did anything wrong, but because the team wants out of his contract. Now Bailey’s suspension will be a matter for the grievance process.


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