Apple Is Rolling Out a Manual Firmware Updater for AirPods


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As many AirPod owners probably know, Apple’s wireless headphones, while undoubtedly good devices, can have problems just like any other piece of technology. When it comes to issues with firmware, though, the devices can be a bit of a pain to fix given that there’s no manual way to update them. That’s set to change early next week.

In a Twitter post on Friday, leaker Stella Fudge revealed that Apple was releasing an AirPods firmware updater tool in a bid to help resolve specific problems with the devices. AirPods that are in their charging cases and connected to a power source are supposed to download the latest firmware promptly when it’s available, but that doesn’t always happen. The firmware updater was later confirmed by MacRumors, which obtained an internal Apple memo describing the tool.

Don’t get too excited. This doesn’t mean you’ll have a readily available tool to fix your AirPods at home when they malfunction because of a firmware issue.

According to Stella Fudge and MacRumors, the tool will only be rolling out to Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers. It will not be available to users and there is no indication that Apple will change its mind about that at this time. The outlet stated that the firmware updater will become available to stores and providers beginning early next week.

So, what problems will the firmware updater be used for? MacRumors explains that technicians will be able force the devices to download the latest firmware to try to resolve certain issues, such as if one of a user’s AirPods didn’t update correctly. They will also be able to help AirPod users that don’t use Apple devices who are experiencing problems, as well as users that received a replacement AirPod Pro or charging case with a different firmware version than the one in their possession.

It’s currently unclear what AirPod models Apple’s new firmware updater tool can be used with. MacRumors reports that technicians can use it on AirPods Pro with a wireless charging case or MagSafe charging case, but whether it can be used with other models is an open question. I guess we’ll find out soon.


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