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Halo Infinite has 12 Skulls, all of which are difficult to find but unlock neat gameplay mutations should you get them. In this Skulls Locations Guide, you’ll learn all how to get every Skull in Halo Infinite and what each of them does. Note that some Skulls are only available in missions that cannot be replayed at this time. If you missed a Skull in a mission, you’ll need to start a new game. There are four save files for each account, so starting a new game will not reset your progress on your first playthrough.

Skull Hunting Tip: The Skulls have a unique noise that gets louder once you’re near it. After you scan a skull (whether you’ve seen it or not) it’ll be added to your TacMap.


These skulls have been organized in the order they’re found. Click or tap on the links below to jump to a Skull’s location. Keep in mind that the skulls further down the list are all later in the game.

Easily missable mission skulls have a star next to them.

Boom Skull Location

Location: Mission 1 – Banished Warship Gbraakon


This skull is part of a campaign mission and is missable. If you don’t collect it you’ll have to restart a new game to go back and get it.

If you’re not there already, return to the narrow two-floor room a few hallways after the room with the AR projection (and broken elevator).

Then walk to the wall with the ascending blocky platforms (this is on the right side of the room). Hop on the middle moving one when you can (this can be done from either floor).

Ride it up and cross to the skull hidden in this secret spot. You can exit the skull spot by running between the platforms as they’re ascending.

Boom Skull Effect: Doubles explosion radius
Boom Skull Description: “Behold, the Temple of Boom.”


Cowbell Skull Location

Location: Mission 2 – Foundation

This skull is part of a campaign mission and is missable. If you don’t collect it you’ll have to restart a new game to go back and get it.

In the room immediately after the elevator and memory, you’ll come into a hallway with a window. Proceed.

You’ll come across a few Grunts and Jackals. Kill them so you’re not distracted, but instead of continuing down the room, use the Grappleshot to pull yourself up into one of the first two pillars. Then, turn around and face the windowed hallway you came from and look up.


Scan, and you should see the skull highlight in an unsuspecting support beam far above the hallway window. Use the Grappleshot and careful jumping to work your way up there then you can grab the Cowbell skull.

Cowbell Skull Effect: Acceleration from explosions is increased.
Cowbell Skull Description: “Because we needed more Cowbell.”

IWHBYD Skull Location

Location: The Tower (Island 1 – Recovery)


To get this skull, you’re going to need to climb to the top of the Tower. This is much easier if you’ve upgraded the Grappleshot twice to unlock the 40% shorter cooldown. Using the Grappleshot, scale the side using the support beams as ledges.

Once you’re as high as you can and you’ve met the top of the tower, you’ll need to shoot the Grappleshot at an angle to scale The Tower and fling the Chief up. Then, while facing the top rim of The Tower, you can use the Grappleshot again to get a grasp on the top.

This is of course a lot faster if you’ve already unlocked the Wasp or stolen a Banshee. You’ll find the IWHBYD skull on top of a platform in the middle of the roof.

Just below it is a neat Easter Egg too.

IWHBYD Skull Effect: Rare combat dialogue becomes more common.
IWHBYD Skull Description: “Did they really just say that?”


Blind Skull Location

Location: Island 1 – Recovery

This skull is between the two southern mountains on the first landmass.

Approach from the western mountain pair and, about halfway through, you should see what almost looks like a toppled pillar rather than a fallen Ring column structure. Cross it and you’ll see dead Marines in glowing blue gunk below.


Upon approaching the first with the rocket launcher you’ll be attacked by a Banished ship. You can evade it in the nearby rocks as it flies by.

Jump down next to the next Marine’s corpse. Down and to the right of these you should see blue light reflected off the silver column wall in the cavern. Jump down there.

You should start hearing a creepy noise. Across the chasm is another blue light. Use the Grappleshot to get over there and you’ll find the Blind Skull

Blind Skull Effect: Hud and weapon do not display onscreen
Blind Skull Description: “Great for shooting photos, bad for shooting enemies.”

Catch Skull Location


Location: Island 2 – Excavation (Northern Island Landmass)

On this northernmost island, there’s are two circle roads on the northside. The southern of the two is home to three heavily equipped Brutes (two on the tall side of the gorge) and, even more deadly, two Hunters.

These Banished Hunters are vicious. Ranged weapons with an impact are your best chance against them. They will kill you if you take a Brute Chopper or Ghost. Once they’re dead you can steal the skull sitting in the tree stump they were guarding.

Catch Skull Effect: Enemies throw and drop more grenades.
Catch Skull Description: “Hold these for us.”

Fog Skull Location


Location: Island 2 – Excavation

You can find this skull just to the west of FOB Alpha. It’s a bit easier if you have the Wasp unlocked, but you’ll want at least the Grappleshot cooldown to make this quick. Walk along the cliffside, following the path of the hexagonal pillars.

Round the corner so that you start walking under the mountain and you’ll see a doll on the ground. Scan, and look up. You should see some weaponry and grenades highlighted above you. You need to get there. Back up and use the Grappleshot to swing to the pillars until you get to the opening of the platform.


You can also use a Wasp to fly directly in if you have it unlocked. There’s an entrance on the other side of the skull platform as well. You’ll find a sniper, pistol, and grenades here. The Fog Skull is sitting on an ominous pile of armor.

Fog Skull Effect: Diables motion tracker radar.
Fog Skull Description: “They could be anywhere”

Famine Skull Location

Location: Island 4 – Sequence

Just south of the easternmost beacon is a lone landmass.


Steal a Banshee or summon a Wasp at a FOB (or carefully try to fling yourself across with the Grappleshot, though you’re going to need a lot of luck to somehow accomplish this) and fly to the island and move to its east side.

You’ll hear this skull before you see it. Leap down carefully along the east side of the rock toward the golden Elite. Take the Famine skull off his hands.

Famine Skull Effect: Weapons dropped by enemies have half the ammo they normally would.
Famine Skull Description: “I’m out!”

Black Eye Skull Location


Location: Island 4 – Sequence

Travel to the lake between FOB Kilo and Riven Gate. Follow the waterfall to its base then look up at it. About midway through on the right of it is an opening, though you won’t see it from the ground.

You can pinpoint the opening by scanning for the skull and getting to about the same level as it on the right side of the waterfall by using the Grappleshot. There’s a ledge here you can stand on, though the water will make it difficult to see. You should see a tiny, square opening with a red light inside and the skull noise should be louder. Crouch and crawl into the opening then you can grab the Black Eye skull.

Black Eye Skull Effect: Your shields only recharge when you melee enemies
Black Eye Skull Description: “Better get punchy.”


Thunderstorm Skull Location

Location: Island 4 – Sequence

The Thunderstorm Skull is atop a pillar near a tall, slim peak, just east of the northernmost beacon. If you climb the top of the hill (you don’t have to, but it’s a great view and shows how to spot this skull), you’ll find an audio log, a sniper, a dead Marine, and a few paces down the hill, a dead Brute.

Just beyond the Brute on a lower ledge is a Grunt. Even further down are more dead Grunts, and a peculiar tall pillar next to them. If you have the sniper, you can use the scope to see the skull. Hop down from the cliff for a far drop down to the skull’s pillar.


Use the Grappleshot to climb up the pillar if you miss it. Alternatively, you can try flying over in a Wasp or Banshee.

Thunderstorm Skull Effect: Upgrades the rank of most enemies.
Thunderstorm Skull Description: “Promotions for everybody.”

Mythic Skull Location

Location: Mission 11: The Command Spire

This skull is part of a campaign mission and is missable. If you don’t collect it you’ll have to restart a new game to go back and get it.


After several pillar processing rooms, you’ll come across a much larger one after a grav lift. Inside are plenty of Grunts and Brutes. Kill them and walk straight down the long room separated by the golden processing light that’s transforming the hexagonal pillars.

Now, when the pillars start turning right, you’ll come across two Sentinels, more Grunts, and an Elite. Clear the area then hop on the support beam against the wall that’s to the left of the weapon rack. Use the Grappleshot to hop onto one of the floating beams as it approaches before it turns right. Climb up, then use the Grappleshot to hook onto a ledge in the dark room above you.

Look up, and use the Grappleshot again to hook onto the next higher ledge of the dark opening. You’ll see a blue door.

Proceed through the hallway to find a room housing the Mythic skull.


Mythic Skull Effect: Enemies have increased health.
Mythic Skull Description: “Because it wasn’t hard enough.”

Grunt Birthday Party Skull Location

Location: Mission 12: Repository

This skull is part of a campaign mission and is missable. If you don’t collect it you’ll have to restart a new game to go back and get it.

This one is tricky. Master Chief receives a threatening message at a terminal that’s in the middle of a large, open room. The terminal is on a structure in the middle of the room and is connected by two light bridges. After the message, the east and west doors will turn blue meaning they’re open, but no bridge will connect them. Kill the incoming Banished. Backtrack toward the door you used to enter this bridge area and use the Grappleshot to get to the door on the east side (to the right of where you entered this space).


This is done most easily if you grapple to the support beam between the door platforms and climb into the oblong center.

You can jump down to the next door platform from there or use the Grappleshot to be safe. Proceed through the hallway and inside you’ll find a Power Seed.

Grab it and return to the platform. Some Sentinels may spawn, so drop the power seed if you need to. With the Power Seed in hand, use your Grappleshot to get back to the first door platform. You can use the Grappleshot while holding things like Power Seeds and coils!

Cross the bridge toward the door the Banished emerged from and get ready to Grappleshot again. Now, use the Grappleshot to get to the room on the west side (left from where you entered) by crossing the same way as you did for the first. Enter the room and go to the right back side. You’ll find a crucible. Insert the Power Seed and you’ll hear an affirming noise. Nothing will happen. Not near you, anyway.


With that you’re done with this part of the Repository skull steps. If you missed this part, you’ll need to restart the level to do this as you cannot return here.

After the room with The Weapon’s chat, you’ll come across two ascending platforms that lead to mirrored golden rooms with ramps. Proceed through one or both of them (you don’t have to go through both) and eliminate your enemies. More await at the room where the two ascending passages meet. Again, kill the enemies here. Make sure you’re stocked up on grenades and ammo at this point. The next room will get you to the skull.

You’ll enter a room that’s also a mirror of the previous room. Two Sentinels emerge before Banished do on the left and right. Clear the room, but don’t leave. That Power Seed you used before opened the window at the top of this room!

Inside it is the Grunt Birthday Party skull and you’re going to have to face another challenge to get it. In this small room are four invisible Elites all equipped with Energy Swords and plenty of plasma grenades. They attack as soon as approach the skull. Use the Threat Sensor to spot them.

They shouldn’t charge at you if you stand on the window sill. Use a grenade to draw one out, then dump as many rounds into it as you can. If you didn’t use the plasma coils on the ground floor you can grab them with the Grappleshot and toss them at the Elites. There are plenty of weapons around, so you shouldn’t run out of resources to kill them. You do need to kill them in order to get the skull. You cannot Grappleshot the skull to you. Once all four are dead you can pick up the Grunt Birthday Party Skull.


Grunt Birthday Party Skull Effect: Grunt headshots lead to glorious celebrations of confetti and cheers.
Grunt Birthday Party Skull Description: “Maybe it’s the methane?”

Bandana Skull Location

Location: Mission 15: Silent Auditorium

This skull is part of a campaign mission and is missable. If you don’t collect it you’ll have to restart a new game to go back and get it.

First off: DO NOT KILL ANY SENTINELS DURING THIS MISSION. This skull can only be found at the very end of this mission, right before ascending in the final elevator.


There is a door on the right side of the room with a short light bridge that leads to it. Again, it closes and locks if you destroy any sentinels during the mission.

This is the door you’re looking for:

Proceed through the door and you’ll immediately hear the skull. Walk around the pillar in the middle (or use the Grappleshot to ascend it) and you can pick up the skull.

Bandana Skull Effect: Grants unlimited weapon ammo, and grenades and removes equipment cooldown.
Bandana Skull Description: “We did say Infinite.”

With that, you’ve found all the skulls! Congratulations, Spartan! If you’re looking to clean up the rest of the collectibles be sure to check out these other guides:



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