Hands-on with Samsung’s 140-inch Micro LED TV at CES 2023


Last updated: January 7th, 2023 at 08:14 UTC+01:00

Samsung Display has pushed the limits of its Micro LED TV technology once again. And at CES 2023, the consumer electronics giant revealed a new line of 4K Micro LED TVs, which now includes a sizeable 140-inch model. Although the company hasn’t revealed too many details about the new range, we have had the opportunity to see these new Micro LED TVs first-hand, and we’re sharing a bit of our experience in a new hands-on video, which you can watch below.

Samsung’s new Micro LED TV lineup revealed at CES 2023 included seven sizes: 50, 63, 76, 89, 101, 114, and 140-inch. The latter truly is a sight to behold, and it’s even more impressive in person than it is on camera.

The lineup will be broken up into CX and non-CS models

Samsung hasn’t told us much about its plans for the 2023 Micro LED TV range, but the company will break up the series into two categories: CX and non-CX models.

The CX variants will be more premium and boast panels with a high refresh rate of 240Hz. Specifications for the non-CX models are not very clear, but these are expected to have 120Hz refresh rates.

In addition, the CX models will have multiview functionality and display content from up to 4 HDMI inputs at the same time. This feature will work best with the large 140-inch model.

Regardless of whether they’re CX or non-CX, all of Samsung’s 2023 Micro LED TVs will have 4K UHD resolutions and 6 HDMI inputs, although it’s unclear how many of these inputs will be based on the HDMI 2.1 configuration.

Despite Samsung showcasing seven Micro LED TV variants at CES 2023, it’s not entirely clear whether or not the company will be releasing the 50 and 63-inch formats. However, 76-inch-and-above variants are expected to hit the market in Q2 2023.

Feel free to check out our hands-on video below for a closer look at Samsung’s new Micro LED TV line, and stay tuned for more from CES.



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