Oppo teases its first foldable phone only to have it leaked right after


The Oppo Find N sure looks like a more refined Galaxy Z Fold3

Oppo Find N official teaser

Oppo is known for its intriguing concepts exploring the future of mobile technology, but until now, the company hasn’t actually launched a proper foldable of its own — even though it did tease some interesting takes on the form factor last year. It looks like this is about to change, as the company has just published a blog post detailing the journey to its first foldable, the Oppo Find N, which it wants to fully launch on December 15. Needless to say, we’re already in for a first look ahead of that day thanks to notorious leaker Evleaks.

Let’s start with what’s official first. Oppo says that the Find N is the result of years of research and development, with the first prototype born as early as 2018. Six prototype generations later, the company feels it’s time to release the product to the public, (hopefully) skipping many of the problems that were part of the early foldable experience. With the Find N, Oppo says that it wants to provide the perfect balance between folded and unfolded usage, which seems to translate to a less narrow front screen than what we’ve seen in the Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold series. Oppo even claims that it has remedied problems like the crease in the middle of the inner display, though we wouldn’t trust the renders and teasers to be 100% honest about this. For what it’s worth, the official trailer below sure makes the Find N look pretty much like a normal smartphone when closed, with a regular-looking aspect ratio for the exterior display, and the crease does indeed look non-existing.


Along with this teaser and all these official details, Evleaks has released a few more press renders, giving us an even better idea of what we can expect. Most notably, the images reveal a triple camera setup on the outside of the device, complete with a microphone and a flash. We also get to see a camera in the interior display, which appears to be a regular punch-hole solution tucked in the top left corner — no complicated under-display construction like what we get in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3. The exterior display has a similar camera setup, albeit centered at the top. Given how big the power button is, we assume that it doubles as a fingerprint scanner. The renders also reveal that there will be at least two color variants, black and white.

If all these promises and renders are anything to judge by, Oppo’s foldable could be the most practical take on the form factor yet. We’ll still have to see how the foldable holds up in real life usage, though, and we haven’t heard anything about hardware details and the price just yet. Oppo will reveal more about the Find N on December 15, which is when we’ll probably learn a lot more about it.

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