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Just over three years ago, Google announced it was acquiring Fitbit and a blog post from the brand today previewed what’s coming next.

With the Sense 2 and Versa 4 launch, product packaging and advertising picked up a “by Google” label. The company says its mission remains to “help everyone be healthier” by “bringing you the data, inspiration, and guidance you need to be more active, sleep better and manage stress.” 

Under Google, “a Fitbit that’s even more helpful” is promised with a doubling down on “deliver[ing] things that we believe will empower you to achieve your health and fitness goals.”

That means products that are easier to use, experiences that are more personalized, and features that are more motivating. It means casting Fitbit app workouts onto your Chromecast-enabled TV, where you can see your progress on the big screen. 

Fitbit credits the Google acquisition as letting it provide greater reach with affordability being a key aim:

And because accessibility is also about affordability, one of our key focus areas is continuing to develop high-quality wearables that cost less—like Inspire 3, which we launched in August. 

Another element of that is making Fitbit “available on more devices, including connected home devices, TVs, and phones.” This sounds more in-depth that just casting the Fitbit app, with Google TV integration previously rumored

The other preview highlight today reiterates that Fitbit is “continuing to drive research around new sensors and experiences, and are using Google’s work on artificial intelligence and leading technologies to develop more advanced features that can help with serious health conditions.” Examples include Irregular Heart Rhythm Notifications and the Pixel Watch’s heart rate sensor

Lastly, Fitbit reiterated that that Google Maps and Wallet are coming soon to the Versa 4 and Sense 2.

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